Mauritius is a place where one can feel the cosmopolitan pulse of the world.  It is situated in the ‘golden triangle’ connecting Asia, Africa and Australia, Mauritius is the converging point of global civilizations.

Mauritius offers exciting business opportunities in the following industry sectors:

Work & Live

An attractive and thriving place for business with an incomparable art de vivre, Mauritius is home to the citizen of the world.

Right partnerships between foreign capital and local businesses have resulted in outstanding economic success.

In its pursuit to become a high-income economy, Mauritius is actively encouraging foreign talents, know-how and investment into the country.

Foreign nationals wishing to work, live or retire in Mauritius may explore various avenues either through the Occupation Permit, the Residence Permit or the Permanent Residence Permit.  They are also eligible to acquire property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.

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